Updated Sep 5, 2017

The College Squash Association hosts annual team and individual championships for men and women.

The team championships are open to all collegiate squash programs, regardless of whether they have varsity or club status. Teams of nine players compete in different divisions based on their performance in the regular season. On the women’s side, the top eight teams in the nation compete in the A division for the Howe Cup, awarded to the national champions. Other women’s teams compete for the Kurtz (B division), Walker (C division), and Epps (D division) Cups. On the men’s side, the top eight teams compete in the A division for the Potter Cup, while the remaining teams compete for the Hoehn (B division), Summers (C division), Conroy (D division), Chaffee (E division), Serues (F division), and Hawthorn (G division) Cups. Both men’s and women’s championships also feature an Emerging Teams division, where new programs can compete with five-player teams.

The best players in the nation are invited to compete in the men’s and women’s individual championships. The top 32 male players compete for the Pool Trophy, awarded to the national individual champion, while the top 32 female players compete for the Ramsay Cup. The individual championships also have B divisions — the Holleran Cup for women and the Molloy Cup for men — for players outside the top 32.