Updated Mar 2, 2015

The Richey Award is given annually to the women’s college squash player who best exemplifies the ideals of squash in her love of and devotion to the game, her strong sense of fairness, and her excellence of play and leadership. More information about the selection criteria and process can be found at Awards Criteria.

The award is named for Betty Richey. A graduate of Radcliffe College, Richey was a standout athlete who was named to the United States women’s lacrosse and field hockey teams multiple times. She began coaching and teaching physical education at Vassar in 1937, and over the next thirty years she launched varsity teams in women’s squash, men’s squash, field hockey, men’s tennis, and women’s tennis. Toward the end of her career she focused more of her attention on squash and was one of the founders of the women’s individual national tournament in 1965.  After her retirement in 1978, Richey continued her support of squash by running the Howe Cup each year until 1984.

A proponent of women’s sports in general, Richey was inducted into the Women’s College Squash Hall of Fame in 1995.  She has also been inducted into the U.S. Field Hockey and Lacrosse Halls of Fame.


  • 1984: Nina Porter (Trinity College)
  • 1985: Mary Hulbert (Harvard University)
  • 1986: Phoebe Trubowitz (Yale University)
  • 1987: Ingrid Boyum (Harvard University)
  • 1988: Diana Edge (Harvard University)
  • 1989: Demer Holleran (Princeton University)
  • 1990: Emily Forster (Colgate University)
  • 1991: Lee Belknap (Franklin & Marshall College)
  • 1992: Hope MacKay (Princeton University) and Meredith Johnson (Colby College)
  • 1993: Katie Foster (Colgate University)
  • 1994: Margo Green (Franklin & Marshall College)
  • 1995: Margo Green (Franklin & Marshall College)
  • 1996: Lissa Hunsicker  (University of Pennsylvania)
  • 1997: Harriet Ells (Amherst College)
  • 1998: Heather Duckworth (Dartmouth College)
  • 1999: Devon Kennedy (Brown University)
  • 2000: Katie Patrick  (University of Pennsylvania)
  • 2001: Julia Beaver (Princeton University)
  • 2002: Olga Puidgemont-Sola (Cornell University)
  • 2003: Runa Reta (University of Pennsylvania)
  • 2004: Amina Helal (Trinity College)
  • 2005: Frances Ho (Yale University)
  • 2006: Michelle Quibell (Yale University)
  • 2007: Catherine McLeod (Yale University)
  • 2008: Miranda Ranieri (Yale University)
  • 2009: Pamela Anckermann (Mount Holyoke College)
  • 2010: Alia Aziz (Yale University)
  • 2011: Logan Greer (Yale University)
  • 2012: Katie Giovinazzo (Princeton University)
  • 2013: Pamela Chua (Stanford University)
  • 2014: Catalina Pelaez (Trinity College)
  • 2015: Amanda Sobhy (Harvard University)