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Executive Committees

Updated February 8, 2014

The College Squash Association is governed by the women’s and men’s Executive Committees.

If a CSA member would like to submit an issue for review by the Executive Committees, below is the process that should be followed:

1. The CSA member should e-mail the Executive Administrator with the recommendation or grievance. All proposals should be fully developed and should include at least the following pieces of information: the name and positions of the individual(s) submitting the proposal; the association the proposal would affect; the philosophy and rationale behind the proposal; a description of possible outcomes, including both positives and negatives; estimates of potential costs; and any additional pertinent information. The Executive Administrator will distribute the e-mail to the appropriate members of the designated Executive Committee(s).

For full consideration, major proposals should be submitted after March 10th and before November 1st; that is, during the offseason. Due to in season demands, it is typically more challenging to fully vet and prepare major proposals for vote at the annual meetings during the November – February timeframe.

Please note that minor proposals, ethics issues, or match play concerns may be submitted at any time. For match play concerns, the Executive Committees should be contacted within forty-eight (48) hours so that the matter may be addressed properly, and if needed, team rankings may be adjusted. If warranted, time exceptions will be considered.

2. The Executive Committee(s) will review the matter presented. If needed, subcommittees will be organized to review and issue recommendations. If a substantial change is recommended, the issue will be discussed and possibly voted on at the MCSA and/or the WCSA Annual Meeting.

3. Within three (3-4) weeks of submittal, the Executive Committee(s) will formally respond to the submitter with a status update or resolution. For in season ethics issues and match play concerns, the Executive Committees will respond in a timely manner.

2013 – 2014 Women’s Executive Committee Members:

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