Updated Sep 5, 2017

The College Squash Association holds team competitions for over 900 players each season.  Thousands of squash players, fans, parents, friends, and alums regularly visit CollegeSquashAssociation.com for updates about college squash, which makes the site ideal for sponsors and advertisers.

Successful sponsorship agreements benefit both the sponsor and College Squash.  Sponsors will be recognized throughout the season and at team and individual championships.  For more information about sponsorship possibilities, please contact the CSA Sponsorship and Advertising Committee Chairs.

Another option is advertising on CollegeSquashAssociation.com.  Currently, the College Squash Association offers the following ad units across its entire website:

  • 125 x 125 pixels (at full size) small squares ($65/month or $700/year)
  • 250 x 70 pixels (at full size) half banner ($75/month or $800/year)
  • 250 x 250 pixels (at full size) medium squares ($90/month or $950/year)

Please note that advertisers’ products may not conflict with the CSA’s sponsorship agreements.  For more information about advertising possibilities, please contact the CSA Sponsorship and Advertising Committee Chairs.


Harrow SportsHarrow Sports (Official Equipment Supplier): In 2007, the College Squash Association and Harrow Sports signed an  agreement making Harrow Sports the official equipment supplier of the College Squash Association. Harrow’s racquets, shoes, clothes, and accessories are used by hundreds of players in the CSA, as well as many top professional and amateur squash players. Harrow Sports’ College Squash Team Store provides team-specific gear to college players and fans. For more information, contact Dave Rosen, Harrow’s Senior Director of Racquet Sports, at 303-889-9891 or dave@harrowsports.com.

Dunlop SportsDunlop Sports (Official Ball Supplier): The College Squash Association uses Dunlop squash balls for all team and individual matches.  Dunlop continues to produce the squash ball used predominately throughout the world, and their balls are the choice of virtually every professional and amateur association. The performance, durability, and consistency of Dunlop balls are the reasons why Dunlop continues to be the official ball of the World Squash Federation, the Professional Squash Association, and the Women’s International Squash Players Association.


US SquashUS Squash: Since 2008, US Squash, the governing body for squash in the United States, has provided the College Squash Association with online software to track dual match statistics. US Squash also provides grants to enable the CSA to provide financial assistance to emerging college squash teams. The collective goal of the CSA and US Squash is to encourage the growth and flourishing of new collegiate programs, many of which begin competing in the Emerging Teams Division of the National Team Championships.

mtbello.com - Squash PhotosMTBELLO.com: MTBELLO.com is a website devoted to squash photography and videos. Beginning in May of 2009, the editorial staff of MTBELLO.com partnered with the College Squash Association to create a website that captures the excitement and competitive spirit of college squash.  In addition to MTBELLO.com’s design work, its staff has worked to rebuild the College Squash Association’s online archive and records.