By Michael T. Bello
Published Apr 19, 2010 at 7:00 AM ET; Updated Aug 28, 2010 at 12:03 PM ET

Northampton, MA — The College Squash Association’s final men’s individual rankings of 2009 – 2010 have been released. Below are the rankings for the top 735 players.

Top 735 Players (* denotes First Team All-American, ^ denotes Second Team All-Americans):

  1. Baset Chaudhry (Trinity College)
  2. Colin West (Harvard University)*
  3. Todd B. Harrity (Princeton University)*
  4. Parth Sharma (Trinity College)*
  5. Benjamin Fischer (University of Rochester)*
  6. Antonio Diaz Glez (Trinity College)*
  7. Vikram Malhotra (Trinity College)*
  8. Christopher R. Hanson (Dartmouth College)*
  9. Kenneth Chan (Yale University)
  10. Supreet Singh (Trinity College)*
  11. Hywel M. Robinson (Yale University)*
  12. Jim Bristow (University of Rochester)*
  13. Kelly D Shannon (Princeton University)^
  14. Randy J.W. Lim (Trinity College)^
  15. Andres F Vargas (Trinity College)^
  16. Richard T Hill (Harvard University)^
  17. Nicholas S Sisodia (Dartmouth College)^
  18. Aaron Fuchs (Yale University)^
  19. David Michael Letourneau (Princeton University)^
  20. Christopher Sachvie (Cornell University)^
  21. Todd H. Ruth (Yale University)^
  22. Nils H Mattsson (Naval Academy)^
  23. Christopher C. Callis (Princeton University)
  24. Guilherme F. De Melo (Franklin & Marshall College)
  25. Gabriel De Melo (Franklin & Marshall College)
  26. Alex Domenick (Cornell University)
  27. Hameed Ahmed (University of Rochester)
  28. Kush Mahan (Bates College)
  29. John J Roberts (Yale University)
  30. Andres Duany (University of Rochester)
  31. Richard W. Dodd (Yale University)
  32. William M Newnham (University of Rochester)
  33. Christopher J Binnie (Trinity College)
  34. J. Reed Endresen (Harvard University)
  35. David A Canner (Princeton University)
  36. Santiago Imberton (Princeton University)
  37. Christopher J.S. Plimpton (Yale University)
  38. Jason M Michas (Harvard University)
  39. Jesus Pena (Princeton University)
  40. Danny Greenberg (University of Pennsylvania)
  41. Brian w Hong (University of Western Ontario)
  42. Thomas W. Mattsson (University of Pennsylvania)
  43. Mark M. Froot (University of Pennsylvania)
  44. Kimesh Chetty (University of Western Ontario)
  45. William B. Hartigan (Cornell University)
  46. Robert L. Berner (Yale University)
  47. Peter S. Sopher (Princeton University)
  48. Arjun Gupta (Cornell University)
  49. Oscar Lopez (University of Rochester)
  50. Naishadh Lalwani (Yale University)
  51. Ethan P Buchsbaum (Williams College)
  52. Zeke B Scherl (Harvard University)
  53. Reinhold R. Hergeth (Trinity College)
  54. Matt Domenick (University of Rochester)
  55. Ryan A. Herden (University of Western Ontario)
  56. Michael M. Lewis (Dartmouth College)
  57. Strachan W.D. Jarvis (University of Western Ontario)
  58. Rishi Jalan (Cornell University)
  59. Christian R. Henze (Williams College)
  60. Robert W G Maycock (Dartmouth College)
  61. William D. Morris (Williams College)
  62. Brad Thompson (Brown University)
  63. Philip J. Sopher (Princeton University)
  64. Juan Pablo Gaviria (University of Rochester)
  65. Adrian Leanza (Brown University)
  66. Thomas L. Spettigue (Cornell University)
  67. Eliot L Buchanan (Harvard University)
  68. Ryan D Dowd (Yale University)
  69. Charlie K. Wagner (Cornell University)
  70. Clay B. Blackiston (Princeton University)
  71. Brian F O Toole (Dartmouth College)
  72. James F Clark (University of Pennsylvania)
  73. Trevor S. McGuinness (University of Pennsylvania)
  74. Amar Gupta (Cornell University)
  75. Porter E Drake (University of Pennsylvania)
  76. Nick Marks (Williams College)
  77. Will E Gruner (Williams College)
  78. Harry L Smith (Colby College)
  79. Alex Gross (Tufts University)
  80. Sadiq Madraswala (Franklin & Marshall College)
  81. Joe S Chapman (University of Rochester)
  82. William R. Katz (Bates College)
  83. David Funk (Bowdoin College)
  84. Allan B. Lutz (Naval Academy)
  85. Jordan Greenberg (Bates College)
  86. Omar Sobhy (George Washington University)
  87. Juan Lopez (Franklin & Marshall College)
  88. Brian R. Warner (Amherst College)
  89. Robert P. Burns (Bates College)
  90. Scott W Phillips (St Lawrence University)
  91. Amay Merchant (St Lawrence University)
  92. Anthony Zou (New York University)
  93. Valentin Quan (Middlebury College)
  94. Benjamin S Mantica (Naval Academy)
  95. Alex Dodge (St Lawrence University)
  96. Palmer R Higgins (Bowdoin College)
  97. Caleb Garza (Connecticut College)
  98. Juan M. Flores (Trinity College)
  99. Bradley W Seidel (Naval Academy)
  100. Jack Ervasti (Williams College)
  101. Daniel Echavarria (Trinity College)
  102. Bernard R. Yaros (Williams College)
  103. Michael D. Maruca (Yale University)
  104. Edward J T Casserley (Princeton University)
  105. Nikhil Seth (Princeton University)
  106. Justin C. Langan (Naval Academy)
  107. Owen Butler (Cornell University)
  108. Christopher G. Vernick (Cornell University)
  109. Julian Drobetsky (Williams College)
  110. W.McKay Claghorn (Cornell University)
  111. Jay M. Dalal (Northwestern University)
  112. Zuhaib M Mohiuddin (University of Pennsylvania)
  113. Alexander M Ma (Harvard University)
  114. Yeshale Chetty (University of Western Ontario)
  115. Travis W. Judson (Trinity College)
  116. Franklin Cohen (Harvard University)
  117. David H. Hilton (Cornell University)
  118. Stephen H. Wetherill (Dartmouth College)
  119. Jeremy Herrmann (Williams College)
  120. Luke J Lee (Dartmouth College)
  121. Robert T McCary (Colgate University)
  122. Jay W Dolan (Middlebury College)
  123. JP Rothie (University of Southern California)
  124. William L. Ahmed (Harvard University)
  125. Pat Brady (Cornell University)
  126. Andrew D Silvestri (University of Western Ontario)
  127. Daniel Wagman (Dartmouth College)
  128. William A. Browne (University of Pennsylvania)
  129. George D. DiSesa (Trinity College)
  130. Tyler H Stout (St Lawrence University)
  131. Benjamin J. Clayman (Brown University)
  132. William M. Burchfield (Trinity College)
  133. Joel M Rothwell (University of Western Ontario)
  134. Ted D Schroeder (Dartmouth College)
  135. Alex S. Kurth (Dartmouth College)
  136. Matthew L. Marchisotto (Bates College)
  137. Alexander J Lavoie (Harvard University)
  138. Russell J. Feldman (Yale University)
  139. Alexander H. Greaves-Tunnell (Williams College)
  140. Andrew K Bernard (Bowdoin College)
  141. Arun Makhija (Bowdoin College)
  142. Yohay Wakabayashi (University of Rochester)
  143. Michael Shrubb (Dartmouth College)
  144. Christopher M. Reid (Yale University)
  145. James D Thorman (Princeton University)
  146. Greg m Crane (Trinity College)
  147. Nicholas P. Echeverria (Bates College)
  148. Stephen P. Harrington (Princeton University)
  149. Hunter R. Bouchard (Naval Academy)
  150. Nick Pearson (St Lawrence University)
  151. Vini Shetty (Stanford University)
  152. R. J. Keating (Bates College)
  153. Patrick D. Cunningham (Franklin & Marshall College)
  154. Eric S Bedell (Bates College)
  155. Eamon F O Connor (Brown University)
  156. J. Zachary Bradley (Tufts University)
  157. William C Sullivan (Colby College)
  158. William G. Abrams (Naval Academy)
  159. Samuel W Clayman (Yale University)
  160. Christopher L Holter (Brown University)
  161. Christopher P Thompson (University of Pennsylvania)
  162. Brian B Cady (Middlebury College)
  163. Brooks M Russell (University of Pennsylvania)
  164. Samuel J Gould (Stanford University)
  165. Christopher Gagnier (Franklin & Marshall College)
  166. Patrick F. Davis (Brown University)
  167. Alexander P Fulton (Colby College)
  168. Clayton J Dahlman (Columbia University)
  169. Peter Nolan (Kenyon College)
  170. Thomas B. Kraft (St Lawrence University)
  171. Benjamin J Gettinger (Dartmouth College)
  172. Thomas H. McNamara (Naval Academy)
  173. Akhilesh A. Nayak (University of Pennsylvania)
  174. Zarir Aibara (Franklin & Marshall College)
  175. Jack Barrett (Dartmouth College)
  176. Christian H Rosstad (Northeastern University)
  177. Derek Egon DeSvastich (Trinity College)
  178. Sharyar Aziz (Yale University)
  179. Matthew Candal (Wesleyan University)
  180. Peter N. Cipriano (Bowdoin College)
  181. Tashlin T. Reddy (University of Western Ontario)
  182. Martin A Prentice (Denison University)
  183. Peter L. Weinberg (Dartmouth College)
  184. Charles G Gertler (Harvard University)
  185. Jose L Calderon (George Washington University)
  186. Jared J. Zuckerman (Williams College)
  187. Robert H Broadfoot (Wesleyan University)
  188. Edwin Goncharuk (University of Rochester)
  189. Barrett A. Takesian (Bowdoin College)
  190. Doug Compton (Bates College)
  191. Andrew J Hilboldt (Bowdoin College)
  192. Rafik Bhaloo (University of Western Ontario)
  193. Craig S Matthews (Princeton University)
  194. Todd S. Lavine (Amherst College)
  195. William P Fantini (Bowdoin College)
  196. Adam B Vartikar (Harvard University)
  197. Ryan J Eagan (Williams College)
  198. Wesley W. Wynne (Trinity College)
  199. Andrew S. Weisz (Trinity College)
  200. Robert A McDavid (University of Rochester)
  201. William Bryan (Brown University)
  202. Charles Quintin (Amherst College)
  203. Rahul Madan Mohan (Bowdoin College)
  204. Kevin T. Cecala (Amherst College)
  205. Joran Diwan (Denison University)
  206. Matthew H. Callahan (Princeton University)
  207. Peter H Callahan (Princeton University)
  208. Dae Ro Lee (Bates College)
  209. Benjamin A Rind (Tufts University)
  210. Adam S. Greenberg (Brown University)
  211. Thomas P. Rapisarda (Amherst College)
  212. John R. Richey (Naval Academy)
  213. Daniel Pelaez (Hobart College)
  214. Spencer D. Hurst (Middlebury College)
  215. Campbell Smith (St Lawrence University)
  216. Roger A. Miller (St Lawrence University)
  217. Bruce Burrowes (University of Western Ontario)
  218. Thai Ha-Ngoc (Bowdoin College)
  219. Justin Kim (University of Pennsylvania)
  220. Micah Wood (Middlebury College)
  221. Sam Haig (Yale University)
  222. John L. Subranni (Tufts University)
  223. Patrick Williams (Bates College)
  224. Ivan Ng (University of North Carolina)
  225. Jonathan W. Peters (Hamilton College)
  226. Tarit Rao-Chakravorti (Swarthmore College)
  227. Matthew Grossman (George Washington University)
  228. Alex Heitzmann (Brown University)
  229. James K Patteson (University of Virginia)
  230. Ananth Sridhar (Stanford University)
  231. Carlos A. Sandoval (Purdue University)
  232. Benjamin E Ross (St Lawrence University)
  233. Thomas B Whelan (St Lawrence University)
  234. Michael Badali (St Lawrence University)
  235. Carl Barnard (Bowdoin College)
  236. Pedro L. Souza (Northeastern University)
  237. Nicholas P. Kourides (Bates College)
  238. Steve A. Severson (Amherst College)
  239. Evan Besser (Brown University)
  240. Benjamin Lurio (Franklin & Marshall College)
  241. Alexander Y Hsu (Brown University)
  242. Jermaine Xaba (St Lawrence University)
  243. Clayton H Young (Naval Academy)
  244. Elliot D. Beck (Bowdoin College)
  245. John S Sheldon (Franklin & Marshall College)
  246. Dominic G. Gaffney (California)
  247. Dale M. Kobrin (Wesleyan University)
  248. Akhil M Daswani (Northwestern University)
  249. Sheldon Taylor (Tufts University)
  250. Brett H Morell (Hamilton College)
  251. Patrick M. Bugas (Stanford University)
  252. Eliot S. Jia (Middlebury College)
  253. Patrick A Trousdale (Georgetown University)
  254. David O. Koenig (Naval Academy)
  255. Mike N. Nair (George Washington University)
  256. Scott B Leighton (Tufts University)
  257. Aaron Seong (Williams College)
  258. Alexander S.A. Wood (Hamilton College)
  259. J.P. Garofalo (Middlebury College)
  260. Mike D Bower (George Washington University)
  261. Addison H. DiSesa (Middlebury College)
  262. Timothy W. Bandel (Northeastern University)
  263. Henry p Miller (Tufts University)
  264. James Hogan (Hamilton College)
  265. Peter T. Yawney (Northeastern University)
  266. Grant Palermo (Hobart College)
  267. Russell D. Woeltz (St Lawrence University)
  268. Juan J Herrera (University of Rochester)
  269. Michael-Henry Elghanian-Kragem (Georgetown University)
  270. Christopher M. King (Connecticut College)
  271. Preston S Han (Harvard University)
  272. Harry A. Keeshan (Hamilton College)
  273. Matthew G Baker-White (Bates College)
  274. Adam A. Pistel (St Lawrence University)
  275. Lee Banta  (Amherst College)
  276. Aditya S. Gupta (California)
  277. Alex F Place (Colby College)
  278. Riyad Seervai (Brown University)
  279. Nat M. Cooper (Colby College)
  280. Daniel Lesser (Colby College)
  281. Aidan C. Crofton (Naval Academy)
  282. Mario A Magana (Hamilton College)
  283. Simon Carr (Denison University)
  284. Walter M. Cabot III (Bates College)
  285. Simon C. Keyes (Middlebury College)
  286. Player Haynes (George Washington University)
  287. Andrew Kriete (Amherst College)
  288. Max K. Dalury (Tufts University)
  289. Zachary j Porges (Amherst College)
  290. Derek S Rowley (Stanford University)
  291. Henry A Lee (Hamilton College)
  292. Jacob G Glass (Amherst College)
  293. Christopher T. Galluccio (Denison University)
  294. William M Moger (Connecticut College)
  295. Scott Nehrbas (Franklin & Marshall College)
  296. Lincoln T. Barber (Naval Academy)
  297. Rob Stanley (Bowdoin College)
  298. Gray B. Huffard (Colgate University)
  299. Corey Kabot (Hobart College)
  300. Wesley K. Roller (Franklin & Marshall College)
  301. Shaeel A Khan (Penn State University)
  302. Brett E. Feldman (George Washington University)
  303. Miles Bennett (Stanford University)
  304. Cooper Veysey (Hamilton College)
  305. Saahil Sud (Amherst College)
  306. Ron M Ongaro (Denison University)
  307. Asa Welty (Connecticut College)
  308. Matt D Sargent (Kenyon College)
  309. William D. Lawson (Denison University)
  310. Dixon C. Mallory (St Lawrence University)
  311. John C Tracey (Naval Academy)
  312. William J. Benedict (Northwestern University)
  313. Will Drennen (Trinity College)
  314. Robert Moore (Georgetown University)
  315. Steve Carey (Colgate University)
  316. Frederick G. Struse (Franklin & Marshall College)
  317. Matthew L Arnold (Amherst College)
  318. Griffin B. Merrill (Denison University)
  319. Brewster Lee (Wesleyan University)
  320. Nicholas M Sorrentino (Amherst College)
  321. Alex Hoffman (University of Pennsylvania)
  322. Bose Majumder (Northeastern University)
  323. Benito J. Fernandez (Connecticut College)
  324. Luke E. Wherry (Wesleyan University)
  325. Timothy B Gray (Hamilton College)
  326. Henry W Robb (Denison University)
  327. Nate Fowles (Wesleyan University)
  328. Eugene Kim (Northwestern University)
  329. Benjamin K. Haack (Franklin & Marshall College)
  330. John D Shinnick (Naval Academy)
  331. Andrew WJ Kim (Tufts University)
  332. Oliver Embry (University of Southern California)
  333. Tyler Stilwell (Connecticut College)
  334. Frank W. Hamilton (Georgetown University)
  335. Charlie Bolton (Connecticut College)
  336. Grant Bercari (Hobart College)
  337. George B Riggs (Hobart College)
  338. Thomas C. Culp (Lafayette College)
  339. Craig Chircop (Hobart College)
  340. Carl D. Ranieri (Hobart College)
  341. Chris Ahn (Georgetown University)
  342. Dennis J Brinkworth (St Lawrence University)
  343. Andrew McComas (Haverford College)
  344. Ronald German (Hamilton College)
  345. Scott M D West (George Washington University)
  346. Austin B Carpenter (St Lawrence University)
  347. Oscar M. Neubauer (Georgetown University)
  348. Michael C Krasnow (Denison University)
  349. Will Piekos (Middlebury College)
  350. Jimmy S. Xu (Illinois (Champaign))
  351. Kevin Coscarelli (Connecticut College)
  352. Luke Esselen (Hobart College)
  353. Nick Kramer (Amherst College)
  354. John H. Russell (Colgate University)
  355. Peter Montesano (St Lawrence University)
  356. Warren B. Scott (Northeastern University)
  357. Samuel G. Moreno (George Washington University)
  358. Henry F. Hoffstot (Georgetown University)
  359. Roberto J Vanegas (Penn State University)
  360. Alex Khaddar (Hobart College)
  361. Justin T. Moore (Franklin & Marshall College)
  362. Edgardo Gonzalez (Hobart College)
  363. Danish Akhtar (Purdue University)
  364. Sam Ehrlich (George Washington University)
  365. Kevin M Kent (Hobart College)
  366. Omar Madkour (Penn State University)
  367. Jonathan Markson (Connecticut College)
  368. Lonnie Gibbs (Wesleyan University)
  369. Kirk H Bonner (Bucknell University)
  370. Peter Gallagher (University of Notre Dame)
  371. Jeremy Wong (Connecticut College)
  372. Tyler W Kopp (Vanderbilt University)
  373. Robert Young (University of Washington)
  374. Joshua Rosenblat (Boston College)
  375. Michael Shea (Kenyon College)
  376. Daniel S Gentile (Columbia University)
  377. Daniel J Wolf (Northwestern University)
  378. Blay Bradley (Connecticut College)
  379. Shivan S Bhavnani (Wesleyan University)
  380. Stephen Nodder (Colby College)
  381. Michael Pizzi (Williams College)
  382. Zef Konst (Haverford College)
  383. Andrew Yoon (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  384. Hunter Siegel (Connecticut College)
  385. James Cryder Bancroft (Trinity College)
  386. Anthony Imbesi (Georgetown University)
  387. Michael J Kofsky (Vanderbilt University)
  388. Brian Donovan (Boston University)
  389. Miller Knott (Boston University)
  390. John M. Ranieri (Colgate University)
  391. Jorden Zanazzi (Georgetown University)
  392. Wyatt Hong (Stanford University)
  393. Trent Hazy (Stanford University)
  394. Paul Reilly (Georgetown University)
  395. Christopher Greco (Princeton University)
  396. Brandon Abbatiello (Fordham University)
  397. Carter T Rufe (Lafayette College)
  398. Theodore R. Bowers (Stanford University)
  399. Michael R. Sestrich (University of Maryland)
  400. Dane M. Evans (Hobart College)
  401. Peter H. Jang (Fordham University)
  402. Alex S Pizzutillo (Penn State University)
  403. Dillon R. Booth (Denison University)
  404. Mark R Sorrentino (Middlebury College)
  405. Peter J Gabranski (Colby College)
  406. ChanMoon Park (Northwestern University)
  407. Julian P Snider (Hobart College)
  408. Brian J Gladstone (Bowdoin College)
  409. William T Fearnley (Bates College)
  410. Kwang Ho Roh (Northwestern University)
  411. Bilal Mahmood (Brandeis University)
  412. Dan Sills (Hobart College)
  413. Devansh Mittal (University of Southern California)
  414. Michael G Zomnir (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  415. Jacob D. Harris (Vassar College)
  416. Andy Cherna (Colgate University)
  417. Najib J. Morcos (University of Washington)
  418. Joseph S. Pasquale (Boston College)
  419. Willis Stephens (Hobart College)
  420. Coulter S. Bailey (Denison University)
  421. Spencer King (Stanford University)
  422. George Whiteley (Hamilton College)
  423. Charlie Rockwell (University of Rochester)
  424. Andrew K. Zarrilli (Boston College)
  425. Kyle A. Deombeleg (Colgate University)
  426. Maurits Pot (Middlebury College)
  427. Edward T. Henningsen (Stanford University)
  428. Brett M McGinnis (University of Washington)
  429. Austin C. Anderson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  430. James S. Beddow (Colgate University)
  431. Brendan P. Renehan (Georgetown University)
  432. Manuk Garg (Swarthmore College)
  433. Gavin R McIntire (Williams College)
  434. Ken Cramer (Colby College)
  435. Reese W. Hartmann (Illinois (Champaign))
  436. Mark D. Wieland (Stanford University)
  437. Michael W. Wegman (Northeastern University)
  438. David F. Whelan (University of Virginia)
  439. I.H. Clothier (Franklin & Marshall College)
  440. Elmer D. Vidal (Penn State University)
  441. Hunter M. Kinsella (Vanderbilt University)
  442. Spencer Carlson (Kenyon College)
  443. John R Kucharczyk (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  444. Andrew J Liu (Northwestern University)
  445. Robert A. Habib (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  446. William F Greenberg (Colby College)
  447. Benjamin I Zucker (Tulane University)
  448. Michael N Morrill (University of North Carolina)
  449. Clint Trenkelbach (Bowdoin College)
  450. Duncan Aronstein (Vanderbilt University)
  451. Vedant Bubna (Illinois (Champaign))
  452. Bassam Al Shamali (Boston University)
  453. Zachary R Hoyt (Vanderbilt University)
  454. Matt Murphy (Purdue University)
  455. Brandon P Bollinger (Kenyon College)
  456. Anthony Chau (Illinois (Champaign))
  457. Jacob J. Yeo (Illinois (Champaign))
  458. Diego Haim (Illinois (Champaign))
  459. Akshay Singh (Drexel University)
  460. Teddy Taylor (Boston College)
  461. John I. Ghublikian (Northeastern University)
  462. Yoon Suk Lee (Columbia University)
  463. Jake A. Gregory (Colgate University)
  464. Eric F. Milbourn (Kenyon College)
  465. Schuyler Weiss (Colby College)
  466. Perrin Van Allen (Hamilton College)
  467. Farooq Shaheen (University of Southern California)
  468. John D Rosanelli (Vanderbilt University)
  469. Diana Sands (Northwestern University)
  470. Christian P Harrington (Boston College)
  471. Austin G. Schiff (Vanderbilt University)
  472. Alejandro Ortega (Stanford University)
  473. J.J. Lee (Illinois (Champaign))
  474. Gabriel Parra (Northwestern University)
  475. Peter Jones (Colby College)
  476. Jake Ralston (Haverford College)
  477. Fred L. Hudson (Vanderbilt University)
  478. Hussain Raza (California)
  479. George Woodman Pratt (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  480. Kyle Becker-Mackee (Wesleyan University)
  481. Sam Plapinger (Wesleyan University)
  482. Griffith B Fulton (Hobart College)
  483. Angus Aronstein (Vanderbilt University)
  484. Eli Borek (Tufts University)
  485. Alex Spiliotes (Haverford College)
  486. Graham M. Immerman (Wesleyan University)
  487. Hendrik P Isom (Vassar College)
  488. Auritro Chaterjee (Drexel University)
  489. Christopher E Jayne (Bowdoin College)
  490. Peter M. Fromson (Georgetown University)
  491. Lyman Munschauer (Hamilton College)
  492. David P Scott (Boston University)
  493. Christopher H. Wert (Kenyon College)
  494. Christopher R Tyson (Haverford College)
  495. Charlie P Drake (Wesleyan University)
  496. Eric Epstein (Georgetown University)
  497. Michael C. Robey (Georgetown University)
  498. Atul Todi (Purdue University)
  499. Amos Kendall (Vanderbilt University)
  500. Christian A OConnor (Drexel University)
  501. Zachary Ali (Columbia University)
  502. Adish Uberoi (Columbia University)
  503. Danilo Lobo Dias (Kenyon College)
  504. Ishaan Chugh (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  505. Gregory Hertz (Stanford University)
  506. Vivan Som (Northwestern University)
  507. Will Salisbury (Tufts University)
  508. Andrew Sprague (Bowdoin College)
  509. Yohan R. Sachdev (Bryant University)
  510. Robert R Patterson (Boston University)
  511. Ryan C. Gisriel (University of Notre Dame)
  512. Chang Whan Yea (Stanford University)
  513. Justin D Burkholder (Drexel University)
  514. Joey Lemberg (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  515. John B Williams (Colgate University)
  516. Jordi R. Goodman (Tulane University)
  517. Tyler S. Krizan (Tufts University)
  518. Thomas L Mathews (Vanderbilt University)
  519. HongIn Yun (Swarthmore College)
  520. Mehdi A. Naqvi (Vassar College)
  521. Reeve B Waud (Middlebury College)
  522. Matt Liscovitz (Haverford College)
  523. Will Brown (Connecticut College)
  524. Brendan D Lawrence (Vanderbilt University)
  525. Connor Kirschbaum (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  526. Mark W. Kinsella (Penn State University)
  527. Juan Morales (Penn State University)
  528. John G. Hamilton (Vanderbilt University)
  529. Danny Gleason (Boston College)
  530. Vinit Godha (Penn State University)
  531. Christopher S. Stoj (Tufts University)
  532. Kevin M. Sandner (University of Notre Dame)
  533. Max A Ortwein (Boston College)
  534. Michael Kates (Boston University)
  535. Mark J Bottini (Lafayette College)
  536. Arjun S Agarwala (Vassar College)
  537. John Hunt R. Devor (University of Virginia)
  538. Sam M Beatt (University of Vermont)
  539. Mike Knechtel (Connecticut College)
  540. Jose Alvarez (Hobart College)
  541. Ben Seelig (California)
  542. Keith E. Sproat (Northeastern University)
  543. Daniel A. Hsu (Northeastern University)
  544. Matthew Waid (California)
  545. Ryan P. Jenks (University of Notre Dame)
  546. Lawrence Connor Smith (Colgate University)
  547. Chitwanjot Singh (Boston University)
  548. Justin S. Talwar (Kenyon College)
  549. Richard J. Hynden (Vanderbilt University)
  550. Scott T. Dunn (University of Southern California)
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