Published Apr 20, 2009 at 12:41 PM ET; Updated Jul 25, 2009 at 10:10 PM ET

Northampton, MA — The College Squash Association’s final men’s individual rankings of 2008 – 2009 have been released. Below are the rankings for the top 100 players.

Top 100 Players:

  1. Baset Chaudhry (Trinity College)
  2. Mauricio Sanchez (Princeton University)
  3. Colin West (Harvard University)
  4. Gustav Detter (Trinity College)
  5. Kimlee Wong (Princeton University)
  6. Jim  Bristow (University of Rochester)
  7. Vikram Malothra (Trinity College)
  8. Manek Mathur (Trinity College)
  9. David Letourneau (Princeton University)
  10. Parth Sharma (Trinity College)
  11. Chris Callis (Princeton University)
  12. David Canner (Princeton University)
  13. Hameed Ahmed (University of Rochester)
  14. Hesham El Halaby (Princeton University)
  15. Kelly Shannon (Princeton University)
  16. Benjamin Fischer (University of Rochester)
  17. Andres Vargas (Trinity College)
  18. Randy Lim (Trinity College)
  19. Chris Sachvie (Cornell University)
  20. John Fulham (Yale University)
  21. Matt Domenick (University of Rochester)
  22. Supreet Singh (Trinity College)
  23. Thomas Mattsson (University of Pennsylvania)
  24. Alex Domenick (Cornell University)
  25. Verdi diSesa (Harvard University)
  26. Andrew Boumford (Dartmouth College)
  27. Nicholas Hrdy (Harvard University)
  28. Fred Reid (University of Rochester)
  29. Will Hartigan (Cornell University)
  30. Santiago Imberton (Princeton University)
  31. Chris Binnie (Trinity College)
  32. Chris Hanebury (University of Western Ontario)
  33. Todd Ruth (Yale University)
  34. Antonio Diaz-Gonzalez (Connecticut College)
  35. Will Newnham (University of Rochester)
  36. Aron Fuchs (Yale University)
  37. Richard Hill (Harvard University)
  38. Nick Sisodia (Dartmouth College)
  39. Nils Mattsson (United States Naval Academy)
  40. Trevor McGuinness (University of Pennsylvania)
  41. Thomas Spettigue (Cornell University)
  42. John Roberts (Yale University)
  43. Mark Froot (University of Pennsylvania)
  44. Elliott Buchanan (Harvard University)
  45. Ryan Dowd (Yale University)
  46. Colin Campbell (Yale University)
  47. Francis Johnson (Yale University)
  48. Peter Sopher (Princeton University)
  49. Chris Plimpton (Yale University)
  50. Kush Mahan (Bates College)
  51. Nadav Tannen (Franklin & Marshall College)
  52. Ethan Buchsbaum (Williams College)
  53. Robbie Berner (Yale University)
  54. JP Rothie (University of Southern California))
  55. J. Reed Endresen (Harvard University)
  56. Naishadh Lalwani (Yale University)
  57. Jesus Pena (Princeton University)
  58. Clay Blackiston (Princeton University)
  59. Rushabh Vora (Trinity College)
  60. Gabriel De Melo (Franklin & Marshall College)
  61. Kimesh Chetty (University of Western Ontario)
  62. Adam Perkiomaki (University of Rochester)
  63. Edward Newhouse (Dartmouth College)
  64. Charlie Tashjian (Trinity College)
  65. Mike Maruca (Yale University)
  66. William Gruner (Williams College)
  67. Daniel Echavarria (Trinity College)
  68. George Miller (Williams College)
  69. Will Katz (Bates College)
  70. James Clark (University of Pennsylvania)
  71. Philip Sopher (Princeton University)
  72. Steve Peever (Cornell University)
  73. Sadiq Madraswala (Franklin & Marshall College)
  74. Billy Hatch (Yale University)
  75. W.McKay Claghorn (Cornell University)
  76. Amar Gupta (Cornell University)
  77. Joe Chapman (University of Rochester)
  78. Ian Crozier (University of Western Ontario)
  79. Andrew Zimmerman (University of Pennsylvania)
  80. Nikhil Seth (Princeton University)
  81. Edward Casserley (Princeton University)
  82. Charlie Wagner (Cornell University)
  83. Alan Lutz (United States Naval Academy)
  84. David Hilton (Cornell University)
  85. Ryan Herden (University of Western Ontario)
  86. Chris Vernick (Cornell University)
  87. Will Morris (Williams College)
  88. Mike Lewis (Dartmouth College)
  89. Scott Callahan (Princeton University)
  90. Porter Drake (University of Pennsylvania)
  91. Asad Khan (Denison University)
  92. Andrew Weisz (Trinity College)
  93. Daniel Wagman (Dartmouth College)
  94. Tyler Young (Dartmouth College)
  95. Adrian Leanza (Brown University)
  96. William Burchfield (Trinity College)
  97. Strachan Jarvis (University of Western Ontario)
  98. Harry Smith (Colby College)
  99. John Lingos-Webb (Trinity College)
  100. Brian O Toole (Dartmouth College)